What if I am already renting my holiday home out?
No problem, however we would take over the renting of the property on an exclusive basis.
How does the pricing work?
We charge 18% excluding VAT of the total rental income
Will I pay tax on the net rental income?
You would need to consult your tax advisor on this.
Who are your typical customers?
Property owners on the Dolphin Coast, KZN South Africa.
Can I still use the property for holidays?
Yes, of course, you do however need to give notice and respect existing bookings.
What do your services cover?

These services cover the full management of your property profile, reservations, marketing, cleaning, laundry, check-in and outs as well as resupplying essentials. This will be fully explained in the Property Management contract.

How do I sign up?

Contact us via the website, or on email – info@iconlifestyle.africa or by phone – +27 82 550 4906 / +27 82 797 2861

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